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A few days back, the European Space Agency revealed the first-ever image of a black hole, and this dark cosmic entity is almost 54 million light years away. However, a former NASA scientist believes that black holes could be present at the centre of the earth.

This weird theory is put forward by former NASA scientist Louise Riofrio, and he claims that there could be one black hole far closer to home. Riofrio made these remarks while talking to Blake Cousins, a conspiracy theorist duo who runs the YouTube channel 'Third Phase of Moon'.

"While people have looked for black holes in space, there could be a black hole in the last place they would think – beneath their feet inside the Earth. It would be a tiny thing – almost the grain of sound but as heavy as the moon. Billions of years ago, the Earth would have revolved around this black hole – that black hole is responsible for generating our heat. That causes volcanoes and earthquakes but also our islands to form. The black hole would also generate the magnetic field that protects us from space. Our planet might not exist without black holes," said Riofrio, Daily Star reports

The former NASA scientist also added that more studies on this theory could result in the production of free energy. At one point in time, she even went a step ahead and argued that time travel is possible, and the speed of light changes over the course of time. However, she admitted that the concept of time travel also includes several paradoxes like 'killing the grandfather'.

Third Phase of Moon has now uploaded a video that features Riofrio's interview on YouTube, and it is now receiving positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.

"Wow, she is brilliant, but you can also tell she is a very high-level genius just in the way she talks, the cadence, almost like she is a living breathing computer, lol. But very interesting theories and I am sure they will be backed up by other top scientists in time just as Einsteins were," commented Glenn Schantz, a YouTibe user.

"I agree with her. Scientists always make stuff complicated. She Just made it to the point and simple and she will probably be completely correct! Good Job. What goes up must come down. Makes sense that light is slowing.. why wouldn't it?" commented Tino Pacino, another YouTuber.