Black Hole
Ohio State University

Black holes are undoubtedly the most intriguing object in the universe and this unseen space body has perplexed scientists for many years. Now, as an initial yet giant leap towards unveiling the mysteries surrounding this entity, The European Southern Observatory will release the first-ever photo of black hole taken by humans.

After the announcement which was made a couple of days back, the European Space Agency (ESA) revealed that the photo will be that of Sagittarius-A, a supermassive black hole located at the centre of the Milky Way. The photo of the black hole will be most likely the 'event horizon', which is actually the edge of the black hole where light cannot escape. It should be noted that black holes are the darkest entity in the universe, and no current telescopes have the capability to capture their original images.

Experts at the European Southern Observatory have used the event horizon telescope, and they have apparently captured the image of the event horizon which is expected to be released shortly.

The release of the new black hole photo is expected to unveil several dark secrets of the universe. Experts believe that the shape of the black hole's event horizon in the newly released image could prove Albert Einstein's theory of how gravity works or may even cast new doubts on the legendary physicist's speculation.

As per experts, black holes are space bodies that are collapsed with intense gravity. As the gravity of these space entities is so strong, even light could not escape their grasp. Many space experts believe that the image of the black hole which is going to be released will most probably show a dark blob that will be surrounded by a ring of bright light.

The live stream of the black hole photo release can be watched by visiting the stream embedded below, courtesy of the National Science Foundation, or directly on the NSF's website. The live streaming is expected to start at 6.30 pm IST.