Sean Diddy Combs
Sean Diddy CombsDiddy/Twitter

The Forbes annual Celebrity 100 highest-paid entertainers list is out and this time Sean "Diddy" Combs has outshined Beyonce to take the top spot in the list. Diddy has topped the list with $130 million earnings.

Queen Bey, who will welcome her twins soon, has taken the second spot with $105 million earnings. Author J.K. Rowling with $95 million income is the third highest paid entertainer, while Drake is the fourth highest paid entertainer with $94 million. Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo is the fifth celebrity on the list, thanks to his $93 million earnings.

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Last year, Diddy was in the 22nd position but this year, he topped the list thanks to his Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour and selling one-third of his Sean John clothing line for an estimated $70 million, Forbes reported.

Interestingly, Drake was the 69th celebrity in the Forbes highest-paid entertainers list last year but this year, he jumped to the fourth spot.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner is the youngest highest-paid entertainer and a newcomer in the Forbes listInstagram/ Kylie Jenner

The list also features Kylie Jenner for the first time. She has become the youngest celebrity in the highest-paid list, thanks to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, cosmetics company, clothing line and endorsements. Comedian Steve Harvey is also a newcomer on the list with $42.5 million income.

Forbes' highest paid entertainers' list includes celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood; 66 percent celebrities from the US, 20 percent from Europe, 12 percent from Canada and 5 percent from Asia. Women celebrities comprise just 16 percent of the list.

"Though the members of Forbes' Celebrity 100 this year earned about the same as they did last year -- just over $5 billion in total -- the way they're earning is changing," Zack O'Malley Greenburg, Forbes' senior editor of media & entertainment, said in a statement. "Streaming platforms from Spotify to Netflix are finally creating meaningful income for entertainers, something that seemed a distant dream only a few years ago."

Check out the top 10 list below:

Sean "Diddy" Combs with $130 million earnings

Sean Diddy Combs
Sean Diddy Combs has topped the list of Forbes highest paid celebrityDiddy/Twitter

Beyonce with $105 million earnings


Author J.K. Rowling $95 million earnings 

JK Rowling not releasing 12 Harry Potter stories
JK Rowling is the third highest paid entertainers in the Forbes listReuters

Drake with $94 million earnings 

Drake jumped from 69 positions last year to 4th position this year.Instagram/Drake

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo with $93 million earnings 

cristiano ronaldo, real madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo is the only athlete in the Forbes highest paid entertainers' listDavid Ramos/Getty

The Weeknd with $92 million 

grammys The Weeknd
The Weeknd jumped from 30th position last year to 6th position this yearReuters

Radio Host Howard Stern with $90 million 

Howard Stern
Radio host Howard Stern has maintained his 7th position in the listNicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Coldplay with $88 million 

Coldplay has taken the 8th spot with $88 million incomeReuters

Author James Patterson with $87 million 

James Patterson
James Patterson is the ninth highest-paid entertainersTheo Wargo/Getty Images

LeBron James with $86 million 

LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers
LeBron James is the second athlete in the highest paid top 10 listReuters