Zombie outage warning issued in Florida City
Zombie outage warning issued in Florida City [Representative Image]Creative Commons

A zombie alert has been given in Florida City recently during a power outage. Yes, you read it right, Zombie alert! But it may have been a prank by someone.

According to CBS Sacramento, the zombie alert was issued on the social media along with the reference to Terminus from The Walking Dead. So, it is quite clear that someone deliberately pulled a prank on the residents since Terminus is from a fictional TV series.

The update from Lake Worth City's social media account reads: "Power outage and zombie alert for the residents of Lake Worth and Terminus. There are now far less than 7-thousand 3-hundred 80 customers involved due to extreme zombie activity. Restoration time uncertain."

According to the officials, the warning seemed to have been posted on social media as a prank. The officials later issued an apology.

The issue is being investigated to find out and why and who altered the message. Several zombie tainted messages were sent during the hurricane. But the authority still could not figure out the culprit, who somehow got into the system and posted zombie jokes.

The city public information officer, Ben Kerr, told Gizmodo, "We first became aware of the zombie messages during Hurricane Irma. "

He also added, "The actual power systems were not in any way compromised. This is a separate messaging system that at some point has been compromised. They just added a zombie fantasy."