Flat earth theory
Representation of flat earthScreengrab from YouTube

A team of flat-earthers from various nooks of the globe gathered for an international conference at the Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center.

During the conference that began on November 15, proponents of flat-earth theory strongly argued that government authorities with the help of space agencies like NASA are trying to deceive the public by releasing animated images of a 'globe earth'.

Flat-earthers argued that the real shape of the earth was not proven by scientific methods.

"Scientifically when you go and try to prove the curvature, or the movement, of the Earth - you can't do it. There's not one experiment, from Earth, to prove Earth as what we've been taught. I just started looking into it and, as a Christian, I started looking at the Bible. Well, why does the Bible say this? So, for me, it was just looking into the evidence," Robbie Davidson, the founder and organizer of the conference, was quoted as saying by 9news.com.

A few days ago, NASA, the United States space agency had released images of earth taken by a satellite one million miles away. The images were captured by a camera on board the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) and this snap revealed that the earth has a perfectly round shape.

Earlier, American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson had lashed out against flat-earthers stating that they are the result of a failed educational system. Tyson added that people who believe in flat earth are not ready to accept the reality even after several videos and photos and videos taken from space that shows a rotating spherical earth.

Even though NASA has continuously debunked the claims of these conspiracy theorists, adamant flat earth believers claim that the earth is floating in the space. They also argue that the giant ice walls in the polar regions of the earth act as a barrier which prevents us from falling down from the edges.

As per flat-earthers, governments all across the world are building military bases on the South pole after understanding that the earth is flat in shape.