Five inmates of a juvenile home in Bihar's Purnea district escaped after killing the warden and a fellow inmate. 

The boys were allegedly addicted to cough syrup and the warden discovered a cough syrup bottle in one of the boy's room. He then went to the local juvenile justice board requesting them to move the five boys to another juvenile home. The request was approved on Wednesday.

The Superintendent of Police said that the caretaker, Vijendra Kumar, and an inmate, Saroj Kumar, 17 were shot dead while two other inmates were injured by the boys, according to Deccan Chronicle.

One of the boys is the son of a local Janata Dal (United) leader while another boy is known for his criminal history, according to NDTV.

Reports further state that the five boys suspected Saroj Kumar of being a spy. This angered the boys, causing them to kill the warden and the boy.

The police are now investigating how the boys got hold of the gun. They allegedly threatened the guard of the facility and escaped.

In August, 11 juvenile inmates had also escaped from an observation home in Hyderabad.  

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