The first VVIP Aircraft of the two that will be part of the 'Air India One' fleet is set to reach India today. The planes in this fleet will be used by the President, Prime Minister and Vice-President. The aircraft will land in Delhi's international airport later on Thursday at 3 pm.

The Boeing 777's delivery was delayed by a month due to 'operational issues'. Senior officials in the Indian Air Force and  Air India will be accompanying the plane from the USA to India.

First Air India One aircraft to land in India

After a long wait, India is now getting the Air India One fleet. The first of the two aircraft are landing in India on Thursday, October 1. The flight will be equipped with a secured communication system, that will allow calls and video functions to be taken mid-air. 

The two VVIP Boeing-777 aircraft have been acquired for the President, Vice President and the Prime Minister of India. The ANI quoted sources as saying, "Air India One is equipped with advance and secure communication system which allows availing audio and video communication function at mid-air without being hacked or taped. The newly designed VIP aircraft is arriving from the US today."

Air India One
First photo of Air India OneCredit:Twitter

The planes were scheduled to have reached India earlier in July, however, COVID-19 and a range of factors delayed delivery of the two flights. The aircraft in question are custom-made for the Indian VVIPs, and will also consist of a medical care centre in the aircraft and space for press. The aircraft is expected to be able to fly for 17 hours continuously.

The colour and the design of the aircraft was also modified based on recommendations approved by the PMO. This will be a marked upgrade from the B-747 which is currently used for VVIP travel.