Pakistani couple, Naresh Chawla and Arash Chawla couldn't contain their excitement after they returned to Pakistan with their first child born in India after several failed treatments in Pakistan. 

The childless couple, residents of the Sindh province, who are were disappointed by the results of the failed treatment, crossed the Attari border to return to their country, according to reports. 


Last year in May, the duo came to India from Pakistan and stayed at their relative's place in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. They underwent treatment at a private hospital and medications were given accordingly. This year, May 18 the couple was finally blessed with a baby. 

After the baby was born the couple wanted to return to Pakistan but coronavirus pandemic struck the country, the couple was stuck here due to the crisis. 

'God has listened to us. We are very grateful to India'

As per reports, the couple said that the Indian government had helped them with every facility and added that they were very happy.

Naresh Chawla expressed, "God has listened to us. We are very grateful to India, which allowed us to be here. The Government of India gave us every facility during the corona period. We are returning to our country with happiness from mother India. India filled us with happiness. Long live Mother India."

The couple who came to the country with hope and prayers crossed the Attari border recently to go back to Pakistan with their newborn son.