Shilpa Shetty continued the tradition of welcoming Ganpati Bappa home this year too. Despite Raj Kundra's absence, Shilpa welcomed Ganpati home with her son Viaan. Shilpa chanted 'Ganpati Bappa Morya' as she brought the Ganpati idol home. The Shetty - Kundra family is known for bringing Ganesha home every year with full fervor and festive spirit.

Shilpa Shetty with family
Shilpa Shetty with familyInstagram

While Shilpa Shetty is trying to bring her life back to normalcy, a certain section of social media users are hell-bent on not letting her move on in life. Netizens were quick to lash out at the actress and leave unruly comments on her pictures and videos. While few asked about Kundra and his absence, there were many who attacked the actress and her family online.

Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa ShettyInstagram

The uncalled for trolling

"This cannot heal what her husband has done," wrote one user. "Raj Kundra ka kya hua?" asked another. "First bring Kundra home," said one more user. "Full family in money cheating cases, her father was also caught in extortion case, now cases filed against her n her mom and even husband in jail. Who will bappa save??," wrote another.

Few come out in support

"Ese log aur ye dikhawa hai sab bhagwan ko bhi inke kam par sharam aye (Even God would be ashamed of such people)," opined one. "No one drama queen," wrote another one. However, there were a few who supported Shilpa Shetty and asked the trolls to back off.

"We are nobody to troll her. We have our own homes and something always happen in our own home and nobody troll us so Let's think if somebody will troll you so how would you feel. Please give some space and peace to her. Let's her survive. Apne ghar ke baare mein socho. #StrayStrongShilpaShetty," wrote one.