Mozilla, the non-profit organization, which runs the Firefox internet browser, said on Wednesday that it is making moves to tackle the spread of "fake news".

It announced that, the company was "investing in people, programs and projects" in a new initiative to actively "disrupt misinformation online".

The project termed as Mozilla Information Trust Initiative (MITI), is aimed at bringing together companies and interest groups from around the web to help solve the fake news problem.

The US-based open source group said, the "internet's ability to power democratic society suffers greatly" due to the fabricated stories such as the Pope endorsing Donald Trump for the US presidency and India's 2,000-rupee note containing a tracking device.

It also added, this week the Kenyan election also saw both bogus BBC and CNN news reports circulating on social media.

Will Mozilla's MITI project be able to tackle the spread of fake news?

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