The members of popular South Korean Chinese boy band EXO.Facebook/EXO

EXO member Suho has recently revealed why the boy band members are not threatened by the success of K-Pop groups, BTS and Wanna One.

The young Korean heartthrob, whose real name is Kim Jun Myeon, said that he believes it's their duty to support and encourage new and upcoming bands.

"PSY, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, TVXQ! and SHINee sunbaes paved the way for us, and it's our duty as hoobae groups to solidify K-Pop's position in the world. We want to take part in that effort and are preparing performances and making music with that in mind," Suho said during a press conference for their fourth concert tour EXO Planet #4 — The ElyXiOn concert.

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The 26-year-old singer also said that he is really proud of the way these bands are promoting K-Pop internationally. "I'm really proud of the way BTS and Wanna One are making a mark for K-Pop all over the world," Koreaboo quoted him.

Meanwhile, Suho admitted that the band is facing tight competition from other bands and it has become really hard for them to maintain their position in the music world.

"As the group is maturing, some might think that we are not fresh anymore. But we are working hard to showcase performances that are unique to EXO and our characteristics," the leader of EXO said.

The members of South Korean-Chinese boy band under SM Entertainment are already trying out different things to be on the top spot of the Korean music industry.

During a concert in Gocheok SkyDome of Seoul, Sehun took off his shirt and showed off his six-pack abs. The 23-year-old singer performed topless on stage for his solo performance and fans went gaga over his well-toned body.

Watch the solo performance of Sehun below: