Flying car
YouTube Screenshot: Black Fly official launch/Opener

The wild imaginations of science fiction authors are coming true, as a start-up company named 'Opener' has developed an affordable flying car that can travel up to 25 miles at a maximum speed of 62 miles per hour.

After releasing the test footage of the car, the company revealed that their new product will be affordable and can be driven by anyone.

'Opener', the company based in Palo-Alto has named this new car 'Black Fly'. The company recently tested the car's efficiency in Canada, after getting a green light from the country's aviation authorities.

According to the US-based start-up, the price of the early models may be a bit expensive, but eventually, these flying objects will cost the same as a sports car. It should be noted that this new car is not designed to travel across the roads, and it is only capable of flying.

After conducting the test fly, the company revealed that 'Black Fly' can carry one person in the semi plexiglass cockpit. Eight propulsion systems spread across two wings will power the vehicle. The company made it clear that the flying car will work best when it is taken off and landed on grassy terrains.

Interestingly, drivers of this flying car do not need a pilot's license to fly it. However, drivers would need to complete a training program conducted by the car manufacturer.

"Even though not required by Federal Aviation Administration regulations, BlackFly operators will be required to successfully complete the FAA Private Pilot written examination and also complete company-mandated vehicle familiarisation and operator training," said Opener.

As the video of the flying car testing went viral, many people claimed that 'Black Fly' is actually a giant drone capable of carrying a single person. Some other online users made it clear that risks associated with this vehicle are very high, as the ballistic parachute is optional. 

"Ballistic parachute optional. Let's see what happens with a complete power failure at 120 feet. Even with a ballistic chute, you need at least 200 feet. And those unprotected props are completely safe for anyone who walks up to this.. And non-pilots 'flying' this? Won't take long until they are sued into oblivion. Buy them NOW before they are collector's items," commented vondeliusc, a YouTube user. 

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