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A man named Noah Novak, from the state of Illinois in the United States, claims to be a time traveler from 2030 who has met his version from 40 years in the future.

A strange video interview portraying two versions of this man is out, and Novak alleged that the two men in the video are his future selves from 2030 and 2070. He even claimed that some of the information proves that both the people in the video are him and it's classified to make sure the government doesn't get to him, a report by the Mirror revealed.

Novak said though he couldn't provide the exact detail, his future self from 2070 could reveal some information about their lives which proved that they are the same person.

"I believe that he is me from the future," Novak from 2030 said in the video interview with Apex TV, a YouTube channel.

Though the two men looked and sound very different from each other, Novak may come up with an explanation for that, saying it is because of the gap of 40 years which led to the differences in their appearance, voice, and personality.

"He showed a bunch of personal information, he said a bunch of things about what I did, he said all the sequence of events and stuff since I came back from 2017," Novak from 2030 said.

"Everything that I did, and this is the type of stuff that someone would have to stalk me for my whole life to figure out. Obviously, it would be really hard for him to figure out all of this information."

"There is no way that he could figure all this out unless he stalked me from the very beginning," he added.

The time traveler from 2030 had initially asked how his future self could talk to him without any oddity and without creating any time paradox because of which his words could affect the future.

Novak from 2070 revealed that time travelers have microchips which help in preventing them from saying things that can alter the sequence of events.

The time traveler from 2030 insisted that his identity should be kept anonymous as he had earlier put his life in danger by telling people living in the present about what's there in store in the future for them.

The bold claims regarding the future he made were:

  • That Donald Trump would be re-elected in the year 2020.
  • In 2028, humans would fly to Mars and time travel will also be made public.
  • Robots who can run homes will be introduced slowly.
  • By 2021, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will gain popularity, electric cars flying at a speed of 600mph and Google-glasses like gadgets with processing power of the present day computers will become the new trend.
  • Ailments including various forms of cancer will be cured.
  • Around 2030, bigger phones would be released.
  • A trigger will be observed in issues related to global warming which would result in making Northern America hotter and Europe colder.

The alleged time-traveler told a YouTube channel called Paranormal Elite that he suffers from depression and has anorexia. He also claimed that his real age was 50 years but he turned into a 25-year-old with the help of a rejuvenating drug.

Novak had undergone a lie detector test about his claims, and he passed the test, the Mirror reported.

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