Facebook fans of luxury supercar maker and Formula One racer Ferrari have touched a figure of 10 million in just three years.

Ferrari celebrated the achievement by producing a cartoon that featured Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo and where he thanked fans for helping the company to reach to this astonishing number.

Ferrari’s Facebook Fan Following Touches 10 million Mark

The company joined the world's popular social networking site in 2009 and since then the number of fans have soared to millions. Earlier in July, the company had released another cartoon to mark the celebration of Facebook reaching a fan base of nine million. Within a year's time, Ferrari topped 10 million.

A special video released by the company at this juncture features Formula One drivers Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso. The description of the cartoon reads "To celebrate Ferrari's 10 million fan on Facebook, here is a special video... with a special leading actor! Enjoy the video, and keep following us!"

Celebrating eight million fans accumulation

According to reports, the number of fans for Ferrari has gone up by nearly four million within a year. Apart from the US and Spain, the fan base from countries like India has gone up. It was reported that Ferrari's Facebook fans from India have totaled to almost one million. Millions of fans are from USA, France, Spain and Italy

With the fan base reaching 10 million, Ferrari has become one of the biggest social media realities of the world.

 Watch the cartoon titled "10 million fans are not a breeze"