"Fear the Walking Dead" is doing really well so far. Its pilot episode was groundbreaking with 10.1 million record-blasting viewers and has been well praised by the audience across the globe.

The title of episode 3 is "The Dog" which will air only after Labor Day, most probably next week. Episode 2 will be re-telecast this week.

In the last episode, after being entangled in a protest that eventually courted the presence of the walkers, Travis, Chris and Liza were in grave danger.

As per the synopsis of the upcoming episode, the trio will get out of the riot safe but not unscathed. According to it, they will head to the Salazars to seek refuge and will struggle to dodge the city's new threats. They will also gear up to tackle the situation if their safety is compromised again.

A trailer of the upcoming episode has been released by AMC. The clip shows the group escaping in a van out from violent unrest with Travis driving them to safety. Chris, sitting next to him, is looking flustered as he tries to digest what he just saw.

Liza, Daniel and rest of his family are at the back of the van. Adding to everyone's anxiety of retreating to safety, Melty points to Daniel's wife Griselda who looks injured. As they move further on the journey, they come across a frenzied hospital infested by zombies. The police are trying desperately to control the situation by shooting at them but to no avail.

Apart from it, episode 3 will see Madison working hard to secure their safety. According to the synopsis, the guidance counselor will protect her home and in order to be successful with this, she needs to do some extreme measures to fend off their hungry adversaries.

Episode 3 of "Fear the Walking Dead" will premiere on 13 September and will mark the end of season 1.