As "The Walking Dead" fans anxiously wait for the release of its prequel "Fear the Walking Dead" on Sunday, 23 August, a worldwide preview of the pilot episode has been released by the show-runners. The first three minutes of the pilot episode introduces Frank Dilane as Nick, a college flunk out who is battling drug addiction.

Fans might remember the teaser for "Fear the Walking Dead" that was released in June; this preview seems to be leading up to the events in that video. Expected to take place prior to the pilot episode of "The Walking Dead", the new AMC series already has got the green light for season 2, even before its premiere.

"Fear the Walking Dead" will follow the life of a divorced teacher Travis (Cliff Curtis); guidance counselor Madison (Kim Dickens), who is also Travis's fiancé; Madison's son Nick (Frank Fillane) who is a college dropout; Madison's over-achieving and ambitious daughter Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) who is unable to follow social cues; Travis's son Chris (Lorenzo James) who resents Travis for divorcing his mother and Travis's ex-wife Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez), as they come to terms with the world that is collapsing around them.

During an EW interview, the "Orange is the New Black" actress Rodriguez revealed that her character Liza and ex-husband Travis still have a son who links them even after the crumbling of their marriage. This link, along with the fact that she is a student nurse, will allow her a unique take on what is happening in Los Angeles and make her think of her place is in the world.

"As a nursing student, in the coming episodes I end up finding that is what I can do. I have to ultimately lie and tell people in the community that I am a nurse so they can trust me and have instincts to sort of kick in and do what I can, until a doctor shows up, and then she tells me to go with her and help more people. And I end up seeing things on a grander scale and discovering other things that the rest of the family doesn't know about," she told EW.

According to her statements, it is pretty clear that we will be taken on this journey though apocalypse through Rodriguez's Liza. She will act as a witness to the medical triage during the early stages of the infection and the impending arrival of zombies aka "The Walking Dead".

However, it is not just a story of zombies; Rodriguez claims that "Fear the Walking Dead" is about the human instinct to protect what is dear and near to us.

"I think it's about what happens immediately that causes people to come together, and human instinct to protect our closest, nearest, and dearest. And then having to make choices and try to understand really quickly and accept what the new reality is. The biggest, most exciting thing is we don't know the rules."

"Fear the Walking Dead" is set to premiere with a 90-minute pilot episode on AMC Global channels at 9.00 PM (EST) on Sunday, 23 August. It will be available to Amazon Prime subscribers in Germany and Austria simultaneously, while Amazon Prime Users in the UK will get access to it in the next year. You can also live stream the episodes from the first season via AMC Live.  

WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: #FearBeginsHere this Sunday at 9/8c.

Posted by Fear the Walking Dead on Thursday, 20 August 2015