"Fear the Walking Dead" is all set to premiere on AMC in August and the channel has released a new teaser just before the series' debut.

Click Here to watch the new teaser of "Fear The Walking Dead".

The show was given a go ahead in March for two seasons, but there was no official confirmation on the second one. While fans wait for the first season to take off, AMC has also confirmed a 15-episode order for season 2, expected to air in 2016.

The show is set to premiere with an extended 90-minute episode on AMC Global channels across the world and the season finale will be followed by a special episode of "Talking Dead", a live talk show hosted by Chris Hardwick.

Existing in the same universe of "The Walking Dead", "Fear The Walking Dead" is a spin-off set in Los Angeles. It is about a divorced male teacher, a female guidance counsellor, and her two children as they come to terms with the impending collapse of civilisation in the opening stages of the zombie apocalypse.

Ever since "Fear The Walking Dead" was announced, fans have been wildly speculating about a possible crossover with "The Walking Dead".

Well, the crossover did happen and in a very unique way. Fans did get to see "Fear the Walking Dead" meet "The Walking Dead" through an image posted on the show's Twitter account. The photo was more like a crossover between the cast members of the two shows and was captioned: '*mind explodes* @FearTWD meets #TheWalkingDead.'


Sadly, all those who have been expecting a crossover to happen maybe disappointed because it's an unlikely thing, reports Movie Pilot. The website explained that the timelines, location and other settings of the two shows make it difficult to happen.

According to their theory, the current season of "The Walking Dead" is set about 547 days after the apocalypse in Georgia and FTWD will be set in LA at the beginning of the outbreak. The first season of FTWD will focus on the time that Rick Grimes from "The Walking Dead" spent in coma.

Showrunner Dave Erickson, during the Television Critics' Association (TCA) panel, made it clear that there are no crossover plans. "There are no crossover plans right now. I would love to see those stories conflate at some point, but there are no plans to do so... There's no intention of having Easter eggs or character references," he said.

"The Walking Dead" season 6 will kick off on 11, October, 2015. 'Fear The Walking Dead' is set to premiere with an extended 90-minute episode on AMC on 23, August, 2015 and the finale is scheduled on 4, October, 2015.