Members of the K-pop band T-ara are battling a rough week as their social media accounts are flooded with hate messages. A brief glance at their Twitter and Instagram accounts reveals their fans' wrath and disappointment as the K-pop stars made them feel dispensable and unimportant. It seems like the messages have something to with T-ara's recent performance.

When a horde of T-ara fans gathered to watch their live performance at 'Idol Star Athletics Championship', they did not anticipate their idols' nonchalance and brazen indifference. According to Allkpop, the fans were ignored as they waved and cheered their favourite band on stage. The website claimed that members of the band did not turn up at the closing ceremony, and their loyal fandom missed out on a few precious moments with the stars.

"Just to see the members' faces, we came at dawn and stayed up all night and only endured with our mental strength. But the members didn't even show their faces at the closing ceremony," wrote one fan, according tp Allkpop. 

Some fan websites have reportedly even decided to "go on a break" and stop posting deets about T-ara.

One fan said, "Different from the other idols at 'ISAC', when fans called out to T-ara, they didn't properly turn their heads once, and only sat in their seats and their faces were solemn," reported Allkpop.

Meanwhile, in a bizarre twist of events, Asian Junkie claimed that T-ara's fans have found themselves entangled in a fan face-off war on social media. The report stated that the all girl band's number of fans is more than that of the British boy band, One Direction.

This revelation surfaced online during Billboard's "Fan Army Face Off" competition. Asian Junkie further reported that One Direction's fan army took to social media and spammed the Twitter and Instagram accounts of T-ara members with hate messages.