A few fans of South Korean actor Kim Hyun Joong have shared their views about the ongoing dispute between the celeb and his ex-girlfriend Ms Choi.

While some described the 29-year-old star's former lover as a "blackmailer" and "gold digger", others blamed various media outlets for highlighting her side of the case.

"Yes, she is a gold digger. I mean come on at first it was he hit her and we got over it and then she got back to him and then pregnant and then he killed their baby. If she has a prove she had a miscarriage or if she is pregnant with Kim Hyun Joong's baby then show it. The way she is doing things now is wrong. I mean she is playing with Kim Hyun Joong," stated an admirer named Maryam Ateef.

She even said that Hyun Joong's true fans are still loyal to him and believe him. "He not a monster he is a father he won't hurt his kid let alone kill it!!Sorry but she has got lots of thing against her right now to prove she is a gold digger," Ateef added.

According to Teleri Ferch Nyfain, Choi could face jail time for blackmailing the celeb as the South Korean court "did not accept the text messages" submitted by her as evidence to prove her allegations.

Meanwhile, Ellean John blamed the media outlets and stated that "the women in South Korea turn too blackmailer and gold digger", mainly because media believes what they say.

The legal dispute between the actor and his former lover began in May 2014 after she filed an assault case against him.