Not so long ago, singer Park Hyun Bin announced that his days as a single man were numbered. The news of his engagement caused confusion for some and heartbreak for others.

Fans of the trot singer were told that 32-year-old Hyun Bin was to wed his long-time girlfriend after five years of courtship. When most of us expected to find him with a celebrity girlfriend, the singer revealed his rather shy, and simple fiancé to the world in a slew of photographs. And on Saturday, 8 August, the couple finally tied the knot.

The wedding, held at Seoul Walker-Hill Hotel, was an elegant affair. As the couple walked down the aisle, friends of the singer congratulated him. Among the celebrities who were present, Nam Jin, Insooni and Hong Kyung Min wished the couple a lifetime of happiness.

Hyun Bin's bride, Kim, is an accomplished dancer who is four years younger than him.

In a recent press conference, Hyun Bin's agency representative said that the relationship was kept low-key so as to keep away from the media glare. "The reason Park Hyun Bin kept his relationship a secret was solely out of consideration for his bride-to-be. As it comes with the job of a celebrity, it is true that he worried about the public's great interest becoming too much pressure and a burden for his girlfriend," reported Soompi.

Hyun Bin, who entered the Kpop scene in 2006, rose to fame and established himself as the "prince of trot", after mastering the genre in hit songs such as Shabang Shabang.

The couple is rumoured to spend their week long honeymoon in Hawaii.