mouse found in burger
Peta Blackburn, Bruce's partner, posted on Facebook, a photo of the actual mouse that Bruce had found inside his patty.Facebook/Peta Blackburn

Meat lovers have the casual attitude of indulging in almost every kind of cuisine as long as it involves meat, but imagine taking a bite of a treasured delicacy and finding a whole rodent inside it!

Not to be biased, but rat meat just doesn't seem to make the cut when it comes to tastes one would like to relish. Unfortunately, for an Australian man, this horrifying nightmare of sorts became a reality on Friday.

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Bruce Blackburn, of Perth, Western Australia, had reportedly ordered for himself a plate of three sliders from the Civic Hotel in Inglewood on January 26 – the day that also happened to be the occasion of Australia Day, as the West Australian reported.

Bruce had enjoyed eating the first two sliders and it wasn't until he reach the third one when he noticed something rather odd about its texture. "I took a couple of bites of the first one and it was fine," Blackburn told 9News Perth, via the Australian.

"And then the third one I couldn't actually bite it. And I realized there was a fully-fledged hairy mouse in the meat patty," recounts Bruce, also mentioning how the mouse was about a third of the size of the entire slider patty – making him sick almost immediately.

Can't blame the man, the mere idea of finding a mouse in any dish seems outright sickening! Probably what insinuated him and his partner, Peta, to document the disgusting find on their Facebook account.

"Having AUSTRALIA DAY LUNCH and this is what BRUCE got in his burger," Peta wrote on Facebook, alongside the three photos she posted of the tiny, disgusting mouse on Bruce's place. "F—cking yuk," she added.

The post drew a slew of comments from various Facebook users, many expressing their disgust over the alleged discovery, while some appeared to be fairly sceptical over the story too.

Bruce himself however confirmed to 9News Australia that there was no apology or explanation offered to him by the restaurant, but instead all he got back was a refund. He also added that he's reporting the hotel to the Western Australia Department of Health.

A spokesperson for the hotel revealed to the website that they would be investigating the incident.