Chilli burger contest

A restaurant in west Delhi has held a chilli burger eating contest recently. The deal was to eat the maximum number of chilli burgers to be crowned the winner and end up with free meals for an entire month.

Garv Gupta, the winner of the contest, had no idea about the heavy price he would have to pay in return for the one month of free meals that he had won.

After the contest, Garv came to know that he had a tear in the inner lining of his stomach.

"My friends and I took part in the competition which I won after eating the maximum number of burgers. The next day, I noticed blood in my vomit and immediately went to the doctor. The doctor told me it was due to the chilli burgers I ate," the Delhi University student told Times of India.

The doctors who checked Garv at BLK Kapur Speciality Hospital were surprised to see Garv's ruptured inner lining of the stomach in the endoscopy. The torn area was operated and removed via surgery.

Calling chilli as acetic and saying that it could lead to acidity, doctor Goyal told TOI that excess consumption of the same can damage the stomach lining. He further said that he had seen damage due to ulcer and excessive alcohol consumption but this was a first.