Anupama Parameswaran

However, her recent film Tillu Square's trailer disappointed many of her fans. The trailer featured numerous intimate scenes, including lip kisses, and the overall portrayal of her character seemed to be of a lower quality.

The trailer raised eyebrows primarily because it was unexpected for Anupama to accept such a role. Allegedly, several other actresses had turned down the opportunity to play the lead role in Tillu Square. After watching the trailer and songs, movie enthusiasts understood why other actresses hesitated, as the content seemed to be unconventional for mainstream cinema. Surprisingly, people were left questioning why Anupama agreed to take on this particular role.

Expressing their disappointment, a devoted fan created a heart-wrenching video. In the video, an auto driver displayed Anupama's picture from the A Aa film poster in his auto, highlighting his admiration for her. He reminisced about her earlier films, praising her for the exceptional roles she played in movies like A Aa and Shatamanam Bhavathi. He mentioned her performances in films such as Unnadhi Okati Zindagi and Hello Guru Prema Kosame, where she excelled in her characters and looks.

However, the fan expressed deep sorrow over Anupama's recent choices, particularly in Tillu Square. He questioned why she, whom they once perceived as a heroine akin to legendary figures like Savitri Garu and Soundarya Garu, would opt for roles in movies like Tillu Square.

Tillu Square

Talking in the video, he said, "Anupama Garu, I am your big fan and have your pic in my auto also. You used to play very good roles and used to be very beautiful in your initial films like A Aa and Shatamanam Bhavathi. Even in films like Unnadhi Okati Zindagi and Hello Guru Prema Kosame, you rocked your character and look. In Hello Guru Prema Kosame, there is only one bit exposing scene, that is the coffee scene. For that itself, we thought, did Anupama really did it or not. But why have you become like this now? Why did you choose a movie like Tillu Square? We thought of you as heroines like Savitri Garu and Soundarya Garu. But doing films like Tillu Square is not liked by us. Please choose good characters."

The emotional plea in the video has since gone viral, showcasing the disappointment and concern among fans for the direction Anupama has taken in her recent film choices.