Virat Kohli
Kohli will lift the World Cup trophy, predicts DamodaranMatt King/Getty Images

If you are a believer in numerology and a fan of the Indian cricket team, then cheer up, because MK Damodaran, a numerologist based in Kerela, has predicted that Virat Kohli's team would come out as champions in the ongoing 2019 Cricket World Cup. The reason why Damodaran's prediction carries a lot more weight than those of some other soothsayers is the fact that he had correctly predicted the triumph of the Indian cricket team in 2011 World Cup as well.

Damodaran is a retired government official who lives in Kannur, Kerela. In an interview given to IANS, he explained the reason for making this prediction. According to his understanding of the cosmic value of numbers, 2,6 and 7 were important numbers in 2011 and MS Dhoni, who captained the Indian side in that year's World Cup, has 33 as his 'fate number.'

"Indian captain Virat Kohli's birth number is 5 and occult number also 5. Interestingly, Dhoni and Kohli are numerological birds of the same feather. The fate number of Kohli also is 33. Dhoni and Kohli have an amazing chemistry," the expert elaborated.

MS Dhoni 2011 World Cup
The numerologist says Dhoni's numbers aligned well in 2011Ritam Banerjee/Getty Images

He further went on to mention the birthdate of Kohli (5/11/1988) and his zodiac sign (Scorpio) which is related to the number 9. Based on his computation, this means that Kohli's lucky numbers are 3,6 and 9 and fate number is also 33 and 30 is his lucky age. "These factors indicate Kohli and Dhoni will lift the 3rd World Cup for India," Damodaran predicted.

To further buttress his point, the expert from Kerela went back to India's maiden World Cup triumph in 1983 and linked it to Kapil Dev's numbers. For the legendary Indian all-rounder also, 3, 6 and 9 were the lucky numbers. Since the event was held in 1983, 1+9+8+3 means 21 and 2+1=3, so there was already a link. On top of that, "It was the third Cricket World Cup and Kapil was just 24 (2+4=6) years then. Now, it's 12th (1+2=3) World Cup by numerology, 3 & 12 belong to the same family," the famed numerologist said to explain his prediction.