In the upcoming episode of "Family Guy", titled "Scammed Yankees", it seems Peter will again land himself in a trouble when he falls victim to a scam along with Carter.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Peter and Carter end up in Nigeria when they fall prey to a scam.

Despite, Carter's insistence, Peter refuses to end his journey and somehow convinces Carter to accompany him. However, it didn't go as he was expecting.

As soon as they enter Nigeria, Peter and Carter are arrested by the local authorities on charges of a scam about none of them have any idea.

Now, it will be Peter's responsibility to get out of the situation and take Carter with him as he is trouble because of Peter in first place.

Whether they escape prison and prove their innocence will be seen in the next episode.

In the previous episode titled "The Peanut Butter Kid", when the Griffins were low on funds, Stewie got cast in a peanut-butter commercial and in a jiffy became the family's breadwinner.

Meanwhile, Lois and Peter turned into crazed show-business parents and Brian proved to Stewie that being a child actor was no big deal.

Though Peter was seemingly happy for Stewie, he found it hard to accept he didn't have a job any more, and Stewie was earning so much. However, he tried his best to not let anyone know about his jealousy.

Brian was also not very happy and looked for an opportunity to prove he was a better actor than Stewie. However, when he failed to do so, he got frustrated and planned to embarrass Stewie.