Fallout 4
Fallout Shelter is a new free game.Twitter

Fallout Shelte from Bethesda, the free-to-play game that allowed fans to experience some of the Vault-Tec Vaults ahead of the release of Fallout 4, had been coughing up some issues, where some players face sudden shutdown of Vault.

Bethesda announced that it has release a new patch that fixes it. 

This new patch update V 1.2.1 comes just week after the introduction of the Survival mode and entry of the Mysterious Stranger and other new content.

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Bethesda also said it has introduced some new Halloween costumes into Vault, ahead of Halloween celebrations.

The new patch adds only a couple of fixes to the game (Bethsoft Forums):

  • Improvements to sudden Vault shutdown and un-cooperative Wasteland Dwellers.

A Bethsoft forum member has posted how he felt with the new update, as captured below: 

  • Halloween decorations (living room and restaurant) and outfits. Awesome!
  • Dwellers will automatically return to vault when they get maximum amount of items outside of vault. (this one I do not like as much, I would like better if they automatically drop worse items and pickup better ones)
  • Raiders can finally be looted! (Just tap their corpses)
  • Deathclaw attacks do not happen so often (It did not bothered me as much but some players were not happy when DCs attacked them, so it is probably good change)
  • Objectives do not reward Lunchboxes so often. (not surprisingly I do not like it)
  • Statistics! (New card in weapons/outfits menu). It looks like I have done a little holocaust out in the wasteland, after 72:20hrs of playing, my dwellers killed 29503 creatures which is a lot!
  • Mysterious stranger - He just stands in background of random room and disappears after short time, if you spot him and tap him, you will be rewarded in caps and XP
  • Survival mode. Had anyone of you tried it? I did not so far so info will be appreciated.
  • Cloud saves (You must enable this option in vault list)
  • You can skip tutorial when you start new vault.

Following complaints from fans, Bethesda had increased the limit of dwellers exploring the wasteland from 10 to 23.