Fallout 4
Fallout 4 will be released on 10 November, 2015.Facebook

Bethesda's upcoming video game, Fallout 4, will be having some returning weapons and new weapons to cater to both new and old players of the Fallout series.

Fallout 4 will see some advances being made in the combat mechanics and the weaponry aspects of the game.

Bethesda has shared with OXM (via Gamespresso) a "partial list" of what fans can expect in Fallout 4 in terms of weapons, both new and returning ones.

New Weapons include:

  • Junk Jet – Enables players to fire anything, including trash.
  • Pipe Pistol – Made out of springs and rusty metal pipes, can be upgraded to rifle.

Returing Weapons include:

  • Fat Man
  • Minigun
  • Plasma Weapons
  • Baseball Bat

Further explaining the new mechanics, it said players will be treated to a "smooth, precise, flowing aim" system that will also give players the ability to react to it by ducking, weaving and improvising. It should be noted that this combat mechanism will be supported by levels, stats, probabilities and gear quality.

There will be "choke points, well-placed cover and new tactical opportunities" in both residential places and open-air locations. It has termed "Ghouls and gunships" as "exhilarating, unpredictable and dynamic."

Another feature in the combat mechanics that will play an important role is the stealth that will include melee hits and non-violent attacks.

 How XP Works in Fallout 4?

Bethesda has shared new details of the working of the XP in Fallout 4 with OPM (via Gamespresso).

Fallout 4 players will be leveling up via XP where it will give players a point that can be spent on perk. It was also mentioned that these perks will have different XP levels.

"It's perk-ception, essentially, and means that, should you theoretically play long enough to max out every tier of every single one gaining untold buffs and no doubt all kinds of horrendous real-world illnesses in the process – you'll top off with a total of 275," Bethesda said.

So, Fallout 4 will have more play time than Fallout 3, since players want to get incentives to level up some perks. This will force the player many times, according to the publication. 

Fallout 4 will be released on 10 November on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.