Mohanlal is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant actors Indian cinema has ever witnessed. Several top celebrities had lauded Mohanlal for his impeccable acting skills, and they consider Mohanlal as a textbook to study natural acting. However, Mohanlal's performances in his recent movies indicate that the actor's charisma is no more, and unfortunately, his face has now become expressionless. 

What happened to Mohanlal? 

According to netizens, Mohanlal's fall began during the shooting of Odiyan. To portray the younger version of Odiyan, Mohanlal apparently injected botox in his face, and it literally changed his looks. His natural look is now no more, and all we can see now is a wax statue with weak eyes and a pale face. 


Even though Mohanlal is currently at his peak of stardom, even fans of the actor say that he has lost his Midas touch due to the makeover he did for Odiyan. In most of his recent movies, Mohanlal can be seen sporting a beard, and it clearly indicates that something serious has happened to his face. 

Mohanlal's pathetic performance in movies continue

Post-Odiyan, the only Mohanlal movie that received critical acclaim was Lucifer. However, Lucifer cannot be considered a pure Mohanlal movie, as this movie was basically a visual treat offered by Prithviraj Sukumaran in his directorial debut. Moreover, Lucifer did not explore the acting prowess of Mohanlal, and throughout the film, the actor carried a solo emotion in his face. 

Mohanlal's fatal fall became evident in movies like Ittymani: Made in China and Big Brother. In both these movies, Mohanlal did an amateurish job as an actor, and at times, he literally failed to bring emotions to his face. Even in Drishyam 2, audiences failed to see that vintage Mohanlal, and the film was a success just because of its brilliant script. 

Mohanlal's fall became more evident in Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham. The actor failed to portray the role of a warrior on screen, and at times, he performed like a struggling amateur actor. In scenes that demand emotional performance, Mohanlal acted like a robot, and it made many viewers speculate that the classic ''Lal bhaavangal'' will never come back to his face.