A fake Minecraft 2 app surfaced on App Store.Facebook

Since its release in 2011, Minecraft Pocket Edition has sold over 30 million units. However, many fans of the game fell victim to a fake Minecraft Pocket Edition 2 application that surfaced on the iTunes App Store. The fake app has subsequently been removed.

Following a Reddit user who initially spotted it, Eurogamer reported that the fake Minecraft Pocket Edition 2 app was "listed in the US paid-for App Store chart - in fourth place (sic)".

The title suggested it was a sequel to the popular mobile edition game from Mojang, and also included related images. This was clearly a case where someone was trying to trick unsuspecting users who would have downloaded the game for £5 (about $7).

Eurogamer went on to buy and play the game, only to find that it was not only fake but also "a terrible top-down swipe game in which zombies attack Scorpion from Mortal Kombat". The game reportedly crashed on the iPhone after a few minutes.

Owen Hill of Mojang said in a statement his company was working to get the app removed as it infringed on Mojang's copyright and trademark.

One of the reasons Apple Store has not been able to stop fake apps could be due to the fact that the Store has become too large and open for app developers to put in anything. But it is still surprising how this app was allowed to get listed.