Minecrat will be dropping to Wii U console on 17 December.Mojang

Mojang revealed Minecraft will finally be coming to Nintendo Wii U console. This piece of news was revealed via its official website that also contains a video from its chief designer, Jens Bergensten where he is seen telling Wii U owners that Minecraft will arrive on the device. The developers have not kept the dates any secret either, it will out on 17 December.

Minecraft Wii U Edition will be costing players $29.99 and it can be downloaded via eShop. This edition game will be packed with a bundle that will include six most popular add-on packs. It will also see "Festive mash-up" content in time for the holidays, Mojang revealed.

The post also insisted that Minecraft Wii U Edition will eventually release content packs, players on this console will be able to update the core game for free and all the DLC packs that will be offered to this console will be "optional," which is an appreciable move.

Apart from this, Minecraft Wii U Edition will also include off-TV play which will help Wii U owners to play on Gamepad when someone wants to watch TV.

It also revealed that Minecraft Wii U Edition has an "ESRB rating of E10 and a PEGI rating of 7 for 'fantasy violence.'"

Mojang has promised to share more information as the release date for Minecraft Wii U Edition gets closer.