Several conspiracy theorists strongly believe that aliens are already here on the earth, and they are apparently monitoring human activities. Adding up the heat to these seemingly unbelievable theories, a Facebook user has shared some images of what seems to be the face of a sleeping alien.

Alien image goes viral

The image of the alleged extraterrestrial being was shared to Facebook by a user named Bruce Hardy. He shared this image on the closed conspiracy theory group 'UFO Sighting'.

"Someone in my family claims their phone had these pictures on it from last night... time was 3:14 am... has anyone ever seen or experienced anything like this?" posted Hardy on the conspiracy theory group.

The image shared by Hardy soon went viral, and most of them argued that these images might have reached the smartphone during the time of alien abduction.

alien image

Fact or Hoax?

Even though the image succeeded in impressing followers of this conspiracy theory page, International Business Times found that the claims made by this Facebook user are false. The image was originally uploaded to the internet by a Russian website named Yandex.

This is not the first time that hoax alien images are rounding on the internet. On YouTube, thousands of videos are available that show alleged UFOs hovering across the skies. However, most of these videos, upon investigation have turned out to be manipulated using advanced computer graphics.

Out of all these UFO videos, one clip released by To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences is widely considered the most authentic footage ever released. The video shows a UFO screeching across space, as it was trailed by US Navy Jets. Later, Pentagon also admitted that this video released by To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences is real. A Navy official also shockingly claimed that these videos were not supposed to be released in the first place.