Gurgaon Flyover collapse
Gurgaon flyover collapseANI/Twitter

On Monday morning, a video emerged showing a series of pictures that were being circulated on social media. The pictures claimed to be that of a collapse of a metro bridge in Bengaluru. This has sparked a debate among concerned citizens. 

With fake news and social media, it's hard to know if an actual incident has taken place or if it's all just talk. Moreover, these particular pictures actually belong to that of the Gurgaon flyover collapse on Saturday night. 

The claim:

Citizens of Bengaluru were given a jolt on Monday morning when a video was circulated claiming that a metro bridge connecting Whitefield and KR Puram in the vicinity of Phoenix Market City, Bengaluru had broken. 

This video was also uploaded on a YouTube channel with the caption- 'Near Whitefield KR Puram Phoenix mall metro bridge broken'. The images in the video showed a collapsed concrete structure, in the middle of the road, surrounded by high rises, as people stand by. 

Images of flyover collapse
Images as seen in the YouTube video (Photo: YouTube screenshot)Anser Pasha Kolar/Youtube

These 4 images in the 20-second video, caused concern, especially if the owner of the video was to be believed. In the comments, however, some called the video a 'fake'. 

Verifying the claims:

The recent Gurgaon flyover collapse on Saturday night was that of a bridge that was still under construction. The mishap occurred on Sohna Road and left 2 injured in the process. While the Gurgaon police have launched a probe into the matter, the images have been circulating widely on social media. 

When we did a simple image search of the pictures from the Gurgaon flyover, the same 4 images showed up in the search, used by different media outlets. In the Twitter thread of the collapse as well, these images have been shared widely by social media users, the images were also shared by mainstream media outlets in their tweets.

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation's Namma metro train
The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation's Namma metro train does a trial run in Bangalore on October 17, 2011. The commercial service of the Namma Metro will commence on October 20.Manjunath Kiran/AFP/Getty Images

On a closer look at the images, one can make out that the pillars supporting the flyover are markedly different from the pillars of the Bengaluru metro. The pillars of the Bengaluru metro lines are cylindrical. The pillars in the above images sport no such similarities to the Bengaluru metro pillars. Moreover, for it to be a metro bridge the metro bridge surface isn't flat, it commonly has a dip in the middle to accommodate the tracks. 

Comparison with the images from the Gurgaon flyover collapse shows, the people are positioned similarly in the images, so are the vehicles. The lighting as well is starkly the same, suggesting that the images have been unedited. Furthermore, no such incident of a Bengaluru metro bridge collapse has been reported recently in Whitefield. 

Claim reviewed :

These images are taken from a Bengaluru metro bridge collapse

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