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A video portraying a sniper shooting at a targeted terrorist has taken the internet by storm falsely claiming it to be a video featuring the US forces eliminating 'Islamic' terrorists from a distance.  Arvind Tank a Twitter user posted a video along with the caption stating, "अमेरिकन सैनिको ने 2 किलोमीटर की दूरी से उड़ाए इस्लामिक जिहादियो के सर मज़ेदार वीडियो देखें (Watch this fun video where American soldiers shot at the head of Islamic Jihadis from a two-kilometre distance -translated). The video was shared across Facebook and Twitter along with various other versions of the same clip. The video is being circulated since July 2018 with an identical claim. 

Fake video
Image: Twitter


A close look at the video revealed that it would be from a video game. At one point, in the video, instructions can be spotted that read, "Hunt and Kill camped enemies." Almost 66 seconds into the video one can also spot pop-messages referring to keyboard key (W, S) to zoom in and zoom out.

With further research, it was found the footage was from the video game 'Medal of Honour'. Alt News found the longer version of the viral video footage of the same gameplay, "Mission 7 – Friends from Afar" f the game 'Medal of Honor' which was released in 2010 owned by Electronic Arts (EA), a leader in digital interactive entertainment.

Image: Altnews


The viral video, which was shared across all platforms, claiming to be of a US Army brutally tracking down terrorists is fake as the footage is taken from a video game, 'Medal of Honour.' 

Watch the original video of the gameplay here:


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