The Karghar police arrested a 40-year-old man from Bhiwandi for trying to sell a sand boa snake. The police seized the sand boa snake, preventing a major illegal trade of the reptile. According to the police, the accused was trying to sell the snake for a whopping Rs 25 crore, claiming that it brings fortune and wealth if kept at home.

The claim

In a statement released by the Kharghar police, a tip was received an illegal snake trade. The police reached the spot and arrested the accused, identified as Kishore Govind Patil, who is a mechanic by profession.

Fact check: Sand boa snakes do not cost Rs 2 crore; illegal fraud inflates price

"We received information that a man had entered our area with a snake and was trying to sell it for ₹25 crore, saying that people get wealthy if they keep such snake at home. Our team immediately reached the spot and nabbed the suspect before he could flee. While checking his bag, they found the snake and arrested him," Santrunghna Mali, senior inspector from Kharghar police station, said.

The police also shared the update about the value of the sand boa snake in black market to be around Rs 2 crore. Soon after, people started talking about the snake's value and whether it is true or not.

Fact check

International Business Times reviewed the claim about sand boa snake's value in the black market due to the false assumptions about keeping it at home for gaining wealth. Sadly, many fall for this trap as smugglers often find rich families to dupe them with sand boa snake theories. First of all, it is illegal to keep sand boa snake at home, away from their natural habitat.

Fact check: Sand boa snakes do not cost Rs 2 crore; illegal fraud inflates price

If caught with sand boa snake or while trading, it can attract jail time. The police have booked such cases under relevant sections of IPC and Wildlife Protection Act. The sand boa snakes are protected under Schedule IV of the Wild Life Protection Act 1972.

The sand boa snakes are captured because they are harmless in nature. But it is the popular superstitious belief that they possess some sort of supernatural power. These snakes are used in black magic. But anyone claiming that these snakes can actually bring luck or fortune is pure fraud.

Responding to the latest arrest, Ramesh Pandey, IFS, said: "It's a fraud that it cost 2 crores. People get cheated in sand boa illegal trade to become rich by doing some tantrums."

International Business Times has arrived at the conclusion that the boa snakes are neither worth Rs 2 crore nor possess supernatural powers.

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Boa snake illegal trade inflates price; they do not cost this much

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