CNN's Multi-Touch Collaboration Wall, also known as the Magic Wall, used to analyse news, currently the US election, caught everyone's attention - not for showing Biden vs Trump electoral count, but for something else entirely. A viral video showed a short snippet of CNN's recent episode and the Magic Wall had Pornhub, a pornography website, open on another tab during the show.

The video, which has no audio, went viral in no time, getting reactions from some verified accounts as well. But here's the truth behind it.

The Claim

The viral video widely circulated on Twitter shows CNN had Pornhub open on a tab as the camera panned to the Magic Wall. In the video, CNN's Wolf Blitzer and John King are seen hosting the show. As the video pans towards King, the Pornhub logo can be seen on top right corner of the Magic Wall. King then dismisses the logo off the screen and has a puzzled look while doing so.


All of it pointed to the video appearing legit. That's at a glance and many have fallen for it, trolling CNN for the gaffe.


Many Twitter users pointed out that the video had been doctored and Twitter even attacked the "manipulated media" tag to flag it off as doctored.

Fact check

One Twitter user shared another video, zooming in and slowing it down to show that the Pornhub logo can be seen floating around - something that doesn't happen if it was actually aired on CNN Magic Wall.

To further strengthen the claim that the video is fake, French journalist Boris Kharlamoff shared the original video that clearly shows King swiping away a black text box and not Pornhub logo, BoomLive found.

Based on these pieces of evidence, IBTimes arrives at the conclusion that the video is doctored and fake.

Fact check

Claim reviewed :

Doctored video of CNN Magic Wall showing Pornhub notification goes viral: Fact-check

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