The internet today is filled with numerous videos, images and news which become instantly popular in just a matter of hours or days by being shared by thousands of people on social media. Citing a recent one, a video featuring a girl on a Honda Activa is seen cutting off a biker on KTM Duke went viral last week.

The video became popular among the meme pages and was widely shared on social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But was the video real?

Youtube Bike

The claim

The video was first uploaded on the Youtube channel AMV Tube on March 11.

In the video, the YouTuber can be seen riding a KTM Duke bike when suddenly a girl on Honda Activa, who was on a call, makes a u-turn and is almost about to hit the bike. When the biker applies brakes to avoid a crash and calls out to the girl, instead of realizing her mistake, the later shows a middle finger to the biker and threatens him over a police case.

Followingly, the incident turns into a verbal spat as more people gather around the duo to resolve the fight.

Towards the end of the video, the biker, Youtuber Amey Bhosale himself, calls out to the viewers to comment on whose fault it was and let him know if he was wrong anywhere.

The truth

Youtube video

However, just four days after uploading the video, Bhosale said in another video that the clip was fake. He himself admitted that the "PAPA KI PARI" video was scripted and the girl was a paid actress.

Bhosale said that he made the video with the purpose of educating people regarding rash driving and racing.

The video was created for entertainment and social awareness purpose entirely. And yes, the girl was paid actress. The clip was made after mutual understanding, Bhosale said in the second video.

Claim reviewed :

Fact check: 'Papa Ki Pari' viral video was scripted, scooter girl "paid"

Fact Check :