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Two videos of women performing Dhunuchi dance during the Durga Puja has taken the social media by storm claiming that the woman dancing in the videos Trinamool Congress MP Nushrat Jahan. 

In both the videos a woman is spotted clad in a Bengali sari performing to the beats of Dhaak in West Bengal during the celebration. 

The video was shared on social media with a caption stating, "Nushrat Jahan, MP, performing Dhunuchi dance on Durga Puja immersion day?"

Earlier, Nushrat Jahan was in the news for sporting vermillion after marriage and also visiting Durga Puja pandal. 

Video featuring Rashmi Mishra

Durga Puja
Image: Facebook
Paresh Rawal Tweet
Paresh Rawal: Twitter

The first Dhunuchi dance video that surfaced Twitter was retweeted by BJP MP Paresh Rawal. He retweeted the video and said, "#nusratjahan ji ma'am lots of respect and more and more power to you! This country needs more and more people like you on BOTH THE SIDES! Jai Hind."

The video was then shared on Facebook with the caption  "अद्भुत, सांसद नुसरत जहां. (Wonderful, MP Nusrat Jahan.)"

In reality, the video featured Rashmi Mishra who performed the traditional dance in Powai. Alt News ran a Youtube search which led them to the exact same video with the title Rashmi Mishra in Powai Bengali Welfare Association (PBWA). 

The official PBWA Facebook page had uploaded the same video with the caption, "A glimpse of Dhunuchi Nach competition performance on Saptami day at Times Powai Sarvajanin Durgotsav ( organized by Powai Bengali Welfare Association, Mumbai). A super performance by Rashmi Mishra."

Video featuring Ritabhari Chakraborty

The second video was posted by a Twitter user Vinod Sharma which drew 1,600 likes when it was posted along with the caption,"नुसरत जहाँ का दुर्गा पूजा नृत्य ,, जिससे मुल्लाओं के पिछवाड़े मिर्ची लग गयी थी और इस्लाम खतरे में पड़ गया था,,, अत्यंत सुन्दर ,,यही खूबसूरती है इस संस्कृति की,,,,,कहाँ काले बुर्के की क़ैद और कहाँ गुलाल से उड़ते अल्हड आज़ाद रंग."

Durga Puja
Image: Twitter

(Nusrat Jahan's Durga Puja dance which irked Mullas and put Islam in danger. Very beautiful. This is the charm of our culture. Colours have freedom when certain women are caged in black burqas.)" – wrote Sharma.

Bengali actor Ritabhari Chakraborty originally featured in the video who was also wearing an identical traditional outfit. 

Durga Puja

Alt News found out that the video was posted on October 6 by a Youtuber in South Kolkata. The actor herself posted a video on her official Instagram page.