RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat found himself at the centre of a controversy after his remarks at the Ravindra Natya Mandir on the occasion of the 647th birth anniversary of Saint Shiromani Rohidas in Mumbai did not go down well with the Brahmin community. In his address at the event, he had mentioned Pandits, which was taken out of context, leading to a massive backlash. But the sangh issued a clarification to clear the air.


Sangh Chief Mohan Bhagwat was addressing an event at the auditorium of Ravindra Natya Mandir on the occasion of the 647th birth anniversary of Saint Shiromani Rohidas in Mumbai. Addressing the event, Bhagwat said, "The truth is god. Whatever the name, ability and honour, everybody is the same and there are no differences. What some Pandits say on the basis of Shaastras is a lie."

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat
RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

"Whatever the name, ability and honour of a person, everybody is the same and there are no differences," the RSS Chief said on Saturday.

Bhagwat's statement sparked a row, and drew sharp criticism. Many took to social media to accuse Bhagwat of being an "anti-Brahmin."

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International Business Times reviewed the speech given by Sangh Chief Mohan Bhagwat at a Sant Ravidas Jayanti event, which was addressed in Marathi. It has been clarified that Bhagwat's statements were misconstrued and taken out of context. See how.

Fact check: Mohan Bhagwat's
Fact check: Mohan Bhagwat's "pandits" remark out of context; see what he actually said

Akhil Bhartiya Prachar Pramukh of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Sunil Ambekar, clarified on Bhagwat's statement and said "Pandit" meant 'Vidvaan' (scholars) in the context.

Ambekar posted the statement of Bhagwat with an accurate translation: "The truth is that I am in all beings, so whatever the name may be, but the qualification is one, the respect is the same, there is familiarity about everyone. No one is high or low. Taking the basis of the scriptures, Pandits (scholars) who speak about 'high-low' is a lie."

Speaking to the media, the RSS leader said, "He (Mohan Bhagwat) was at the Sant Ravidas Jayanti event. He mentioned 'Pandit', meaning 'Vidvaan' (scholars)...Some Pandits speak of caste-based divides on basis of Shaastras, it's a lie. It's his (Bhagwat's) exact statement."

ANI also issued a correction after its earlier tweet had a translation error, which further clarified Bhagwat's remark.

Hence, IBTimes has arrived at the conclusion that Bhagwat's remarks were not directed at any community, particularly the Brahmins.

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RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's remarks from Saturday sparked a controversy, drawing sharp criticism and being accused of being "anti-Brahmin."

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