A viral video claiming to be an Indian security force in a military operation capturing terrorists turned out to be a mock drill by the Indian defence forces, according to reports. 

The video that claimed to be of police officials from Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh surrounding a man in sunglasses, Pathani suit and fake beard, who was being handcuffed and made to kneel, turned out to be a mock drill by the same police station, according to reports by Alt News.

The video that has 3,17,001 views was posted by user Raju Kumar on October 4 and has around 4,200 shares on Facebook. The caption, written in Hindi, states, "Four terrorists entered Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh and the district police captured them in a successful operation, congratulations to the police officials."

According to an analysis conducted by the fact-checking website, a large number of videos claiming to be terror-linked turn out to be mock drills by security forces. Several giveaways such as the fake beard and the reaction of the police officials prove that the video is misinterpreted. One such example is a voice heard at 1.40 in the video ordering no laughter to be seen during the photo session. 

Further research revealed that a Hindi language ePaper Naidunia on September 28 had reported about a mock drill conducted by the Vidisha police at its premises in the district. Another news site, Khabar State also had an article posted on the same date and described the Vidisha police showing a quick response to a 'hostage' situation.

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