In a shocking revelation, several social workers and influencers who have been dedicating their time and resources to help out COVID victims are backing off in Delhi as a result of some intimidatory calls. The exact origin of these calls remains a mystery, but the callers seem to be consistently identifying themselves as Delhi Police.

The claim

The Quint reported that many volunteers who had been working for COVID relief in the past couple of days have taken a step back from their social work. Many volunteers alleged that they received intimidatory calls from Delhi Police, asking them to take down their posts and websites, which amplified SOS requests for COVID patients in the national capital.

Fact check: Delhi Police denies role in intimidation of COVID-19 relief volunteers

Sharing screenshots of some volunteers, the publication showed proof of why these volunteers were either limiting their posts with leads that could help COVID patients or stopped sharing them completely. From Telegram to WhatsApp and Discord groups, the fear of being locked up or having to face a legal battle - all for doing some good, there's sheer silence or failed responses to cries for help.

"In his speech, PM Modi assigned this task of helping people during the second wave on India's 'bal mitras'. And when we took charge, we are being threatened by Delhi Police and asked to take down the work we have done from past 10 days or so which has probably saved so many lives," one volunteer, on the condition of anonymity, told The Quint.

Fact check

International Business Times noticed a similar trend and tracked some accounts sharing similar information. Activist Saket Gokhale filed an RTI with Delhi Police, demanding an answer over the allegations made. Delhi Police responded with complete denial and said that "vested groups spreading misinformation on social media alleging Delhi Police has prevented those engaged in amplifying resource information publicly."

Fact check: Delhi Police denies role in intimidation of COVID-19 relief volunteers

In a detailed press note, Delhi Police also took strong objection to such allegations and said that it doesn't prevent good Samaritan work while opposed to those benefiting at cost of the public good. Read the full statement below:

Fact check: Delhi Police denies role in intimidation of COVID-19 relief volunteers

In addition to that, we also noticed that the volunteers who alleged Delhi Police was obstructing COVID relief work, could not share details of the officer, his rank, or the police station as they were not provided by the caller. Based on these pieces of evidence, it is clear that it is the work of some miscreants trying to cause panic and obstruct constructive work. Delhi Police has no role to play in it.

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Fact check: Intimidatory calls made to influencers, social workers in COVID relief not from Delhi Police

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