8.7 percent of Facebook users aren't real. REUTERS

Facebook Inc. on Monday rolled out its application centre to India and six other countries, in a move that will help users gain access to a host of applications offered by the new service.    

The new App Center, which was launched in the US around June, is also available to six other countries including Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK, said Facebook Software Engineer Drew Hoskins in the company blog.

Drew Hopkins, Executive of Facebook App Center, said that users in Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey will also get access to the centre in a couple of weeks.

As of Tuesday, approximately 1.4 billion users will get access to the App Center, which Facebook said is located on the left panel of the user's homepage. The service is also accessible on the  iPhone, iPad and Android-based devices.

"Approximately 80% of our monthy active users are outside of the US and Canada, so we're starting to make the App Center more available globally," Hoskins said on the company's developer blog.

The social networking giant pointed out that game developer Kixeye witnessed a surge in app installs and that the App Center traffic produced more than the average revenue per user for its own games.

The App Center helps users find apps related to games, food, fashion, travel, and other varied interests. Around 600 apps were unveiled along with the service's launch last month.  The Centre, which doesn't host any apps of its own, permits members to access several app stores based on interest.

"The App Center gives you personalised recommendations and lets you browse the apps your friends use. It only lists high-quality apps, based on feedback from people who use the app," Facebook said earlier in a press release.

Facebook also said that developers from non-English speaking countries can send in translated apps for the service by July 13.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook may launch mobile advertising, whereby the company will make a track of the apps used via Facebook Connect, and then target advertisements based on the usage data collected.