Facebook app today posted its first-ever tweet from the @facebookapp Twitter account. But didn't Facebook already have a Twitter account? That's true but since the Facebook app is different from the Facebook - the company - the social media giant decided to bring the app to the world of tweets. The whole ordeal is a little bit confusing and that's because both the company and the social media platform have the same name and the only difference is the all caps logo for the 'FACEBOOK' company.

In its first-ever tweet, the Facebook app also tried to distinguish itself from the Facebook company while equating itself to the other properties owned by 'FACEBOOK' like Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Oculus.

Facebook app joins Twitter, tries to be witty
Facebook app joins Twitter, tries to be wittyTwitter screenshot

Up until now, while other Facebook-owned apps had a Twitter account, it made sense for Facebook app to not have a presence on Twitter because both the social media platforms directly compete with each other. "It's kind of like if Netflix got a Hulu account," Facebook app posted in a follow-up tweet.

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Facebook app joins TwitterREUTERS

The Twitter accounts of WhatsApp and Instagram replied with a welcome message to the tweet from the Facebook app but it is just a perfect meme waiting to be excavated by witty Twitter users.


Last year, Facebook announced a new company logo to distinguish itself from the Facebook app and started adding the new "all caps" logo at the bottom of the services it owns. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also took a jibe at Facebook's decision as he posted, "Twitter from TWITTER."

Users worldwide also shared memes over the development with one user tweeting, "This is the new Facebook logo, which is meant to help you avoid confusing Facebook for Facebook." The recent development of Facebook app having its very own Twitter account also looks promising with extensive meme possibilities, some of which have already started to pour in.

Facebook app is different from FACEBOOK
Facebook app is different from FACEBOOKPixabay

One user tweeted, "Who is in charge of marketing? I'd like to file a cringe complaint". The other posted, "Is this a chapter from black mirror?"

However, some users are also happy that now they can complain about problems with the Facebook app directly to the platform using Twitter. Some users were also quick to notice that the Facebook app joined in September 2019 but took four months to tweet anything.

This calls for a comeback from Twitter. What say?