tattoo on arm
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Song Seung-hyun of F.T. Island has got a great new tattoo and he is flaunting it on social media.

On Saturday Seung-hyun posted a shirtless picture on Instagram with the caption (translated), ""#Tattoo I thought about it for a while before getting it ;) Does it.. look good? Keke". On his right shoulder, is the tattoo that reads: "VIII:XXI" and on the left, "MCMXCII". The tattoos combine to mark his birthday and year- 8:21 and 1992.

Sueng-hyun is a guitarist, vocalist and rapper for F.T. Island, the band he joined after former member Oh Won Bin left the group. Sueng-hyun has been described by his teammates and himself in three words as, "workout, piano, and his pet".

F.T Island will be starting their 2015 Live We Will Asia Tour in Taiwan on 23 May and go on to Japan, China and other parts of the continent. The details of concert dates and schedule have not been announced as of now.