ExtraTorrent's ettv and EtHD continue operations after ETRG's demise

Die-hard fans and followers of ExtraTorrent are in for some great news as we have just received a tip off via email from the admin group who claim to have resurrected the popular torrent site back to its glory. We have checked out the site's new address "ExtraTorrent.cd" and it works just fine.

New users can now register and login, while existing users may continue using their original account to browse and download their favourite torrent files. There has not been any official announcement on the popular torrent site, but the email we have received clearly suggests it is the handiwork of ExtraTorrent admins and fans.

Here are some excerpts from the email we have received:

"We are a group of uploaders & admin's from ExtraTorrent. As you know, SAM from ExtraTorrent pulled the plug yesterday and took all data offline under pressure from authorities. We were in deep shock & have been working hard to get it back online with all previous data.

"We have successfully resurrected it back to it's glory at extratorrent.cd with all available data. It's live and new data is continuously being updated. Some small features are not yet working & we are getting it fixed as we speak. Our group had previously resurrected The Pirate Bay & KickAss Torrents (as kickass.cd) when these went offline. These sites are our home and we won't let anyone destroy them."

We have seen some unexpected turn of events since the primary release group of ExtraTorrent aka ETRG closed its doors last week and warned users to stay clear of clones or duplicate sites. However, we now have some ExtraTorrent aficionados claiming to have successfully resurrected the site.

It is still not yet clear if the ExtraTorrent owner made a U-turn on his decision and permitted the revival of the site or if this is just a clone created by fans. Nevertheless, it seems the pirate community could feel relieved that years of their hard work has not gone wasted as all the uploaded files seem to be restored on a mirror site.