D.O. aka Do Kyung-soo is rumoured to make his exit from EXO.Instagram/Do Kyung-soo

Fans of EXO are worried that band member D.O. aka Do Kyung-soo may well be on his way out. The band's official fan club, EXO-L, has speculated that the singer has made his acting career the first priority as he has been missing from many of the band's promotional activities. 

Rumours of D.O.'s exit surfaced when the Lucky One singer didn't return to Korea after his band's performance in Japan. Also, D.O. has been spotted with several actors. His absence from the band's Hawaiian workshop didn't help soothe tensions either.

The singer's large fandom has claimed that D.O. doesn't have a hectic schedule in October. And many believe that he's not interested in the Chinese-Korean boy band anymore. For fans, his lack of interest in EXO stems from what they've termed an "acting disease."

An Allkpop article quoted a fan as saying, "He didn't go to Hawaii because he was out drinking with his acting connections. He must be looking for a new company through all his connections."

Another fan said, "He already seemed like he didn't want to be an idol anymore. He said in an interview that he didn't want to get skin care like idols. He has acting disease so he thinks being an idol isn't worth it."

D.O. recently starred in a Korean romance drama titled Pure Love. The film, which opened internationally as Unforgettable, was hailed as a success by fans and critics alike. The singer is currently working on two other films, Hyung (Brother) and With God, scheduled for release in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

So far, neither D.O. nor his agency, SM Entertainment, has confirmed that he is leaving EXO.