Shopping King Louie
Seo In-guk as Louie and Nam Ji-hyun as Go Bok-shil in Korean period drama Shopping King Louie.Facebook/MBC

Shopping King Louie a.k.a Shopaholic Louis returns with episode 5 at 10pm tonight, October 6, KST on MBC. The sequel will introduce new thrills and twists for Louie and Go Bok-shil.

The sequel will also feature Yoon Sang-hyun as Cha Joong-won, Im Se-mi as Baek Ma-ri, Oh Dae-hwan as Jo In-sung, Kim Young-ok as Choi Il-soon, Kim Sun-young as Heo Jung-ran, Yoon Yoo-sun as Hong Jae-sook and Kim Kyu-chul as Baek Sun-goo.

Click here to watch the episode live online. The sequel will also be available online here.

The period drama might have more to do with romance, and more so, with the love triangle between the female protagonist, her boss and her friend in the upcoming episode. The official trailer of the sequel has already hinted at a competition between the male leads. It shows them trying their best to impress her.

While the managing director of the Gold Group takes Nam Ji-hyun's character out for a ride, it's very clear to her that she cannot like anybody else except him. In the clip, he can be heard saying, "I will be glued to you forever. Even if he has a crush on you, you can't like him. If you do, I will be sad."

Meanwhile, the relationships between the lead characters of the Korean mini series might get complicated in the upcoming episodes. Director Baek Sun-goo could track down Seo In-guk's character before Butler Kim gets to know about his existence.

Speculations are also rife that the lackey of Kim Kyu-chul's character will even harm the female lead in order to get rid of his enemy. So it can be assumed that Ma-ri will help his father in finding the whereabouts of the title character.

 Watch the trailer of the upcoming episode below: