On the way to the airport
Jang Hee-jin as Kim Hye-won in KBS drama On the Way to the Airport.You Tube/Screenshot

On The Way To The Airport returns with episode 6 tonight, October 6, at 10pm KST on KBS 2. In the sequel, Min-seok a.k.a uncle Suk could expose Kim Hye-won's dark secrets to Seo Do-woo.

The Korean mini-series will also feature Kim Ha-neul as Choi Soo-ah, Shin Sung-rok as Park Jin-seok, Choi Yeo-jin as Song Mi-jin, Oh Ji-hye as Mary and Kim Hwan-hee as Park Hyo-eun in the upcoming episode.

Click here to know more about Jang Hee-jin's character and her relationship with Annie a.k.a Jang Hee-jin's biological father in episode 6. The sequel will also be available online here.

In episode 5, the part-time university lecturer makes some efforts to find out the real reason behind his wife's unusual behaviour towards her own daughter. Son Jong-hak's character also joins with him in his quest to figure out why she was adamant in sending her daughter abroad. The two of them are likely to get their answers in the upcoming sequel.

The official trailer features a conversation between the male protagonist and uncle Suk, wherein the latter hands-over a few documents to the former and asks, "Do you trust her?" Although Lee Sang-yoon's character stands clueless for a moment, he seems shocked to know about his wife's false identity.

The sneak peek video also focuses on another shocking revelation by Jong-hak's character. The clip shows him telling the male lead that the veteran flight attendant Soo-ah was the last person his mom met before her death.

The promo even teases some secrets of Mi-jin and Jin-seok in the upcoming episode. Where the two in relationship before the pilot married Kim Ha-neul's character? Or are the two gradually falling for each other?

The Korean mini-series might unwrap the secrets of the lead characters in episode 6. So tune in to KBS 2 at 10pm KST to know more about the favourite characters of On The Way To The Airport.

Watch the official trailer below: