Scoot McNairy
Actor Scoot McNairy known for his work in Sleepless, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Argo and more.Getty Images

The name Scoot McNairy rings a bell? DCEU fans will remember him as the wheelchair-bound Wallace Keefe from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and other film lovers will recall his work from Oscar-winning movies like Argo and 12 Years a Slave, and Gone Girl to name a few.

Movie buffs will recognise his face, if not name, instantly thanks to his impeccable acting skills, different choice of roles and more. The actor was seen last year in Sleepless, starring with Jamie Foxx, and boy, what a feast he was to watch! 

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With two movies lined up this year – one with Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 star Josh Brolin titled The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter, which Deadline reports recently completed filming – the actor got into a candid conversation with International Business Times India to discuss almost everything under the sun. Here's an excerpt:

IBT India: We saw you in Sleepless in a meaty role. The role is unlike the ones you have done before so what compelled you to sign the movie?

McNairy: I had seen a movie made by Baran bo Odar (director of Sleepless) titled Who Am I. So when I came across Sleepless, I wanted to grab the opportunity of working with him. The role was interesting, a character I have never done before. The intriguing and challenging role compelled me to sign the movie.

IBT India: How was your experience of working on the movie?

McNairy: It was a really great experience. The cast of the film is so talented, especially Jamie Foxx. As soon as the opportunity to work with him came under my nose, I decided to take it up. The filming was also great. We shot the movie in Atlanta, Georgia and the movie paced at high octane, there was so much laughter, jokes and messing around on the sets, it was fun filming the movie.

Scoot McNairy sleepless
Scoot McNairy in SleeplessSleepless, Facebook

Spoiler alert: IBT India: While a sequel was set up, your character was killed off. Is the sequel happening, and will we see you in some form in it?

McNairy: Yes, my character dies in the movie and I am not sure if he returns for another movie. If the makers decide on making it as a prequel then sure. But I am not sure about the sequel. I would love to be a part of another Sleepless movie. It would be interesting to see how bo (the director) would take the movie ahead. However, I haven't heard about the sequel yet.

Sleepless Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx from SleepelessSleepless, Facebook

IBT India: While Sleepless is a thriller, your upcoming projects are starkly different from the 2017 release. On what basis do you choose your roles in such varying genres?

McNairy: I don't ever want to repeat myself. I want to do more challenging roles. I am tired of reading the same predictable scripts. I am not interested in seeing the same things again and again. I want to take risks, chances on roles that many actors wouldn't want to don't like. I want to work on a project that (many believe) won't work.

IBT India: Your next movie is a comedy. How was the experience of working with Avengers: Infinity War villain actor Josh Brolin in it?

McNairy: Josh Brolin is a talented man who is down-to-earth. He is a ball of talent. He is so funny. I look forward to working on more projects with him.

IBT India: You were a pivotal part of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Having worked with Zack Snyder, what is your take on Justice League and the director's-cut controversy around it?

Scoot McNairy Batman v Superman
Scoot McNairy from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.YouTube Screenshot

McNairy: To be honest, I haven't watched Justice League yet. I did not grow up following comics. I worked on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice because the role was different. Zack Snyder is a talented and amazing person to work with. However, I don't follow the superhero movies.

I have huge respect for people who make these superhero movies, but I don't follow them.

IBT India: The Oscar nominations for 2018 will be announced soon. Any movie that caught your attention from last year?

McNairy: Shape of Water was absolutely beautiful. The cinematography and acting were beautiful. I have to catch up with a lot of movies released last year. I don't get a chance to watch them in theatres. I usually watch the movies once they are available on DVD or Netflix.

IBT India: Do you have plans on visiting India anytime soon?

McNairy: While I don't any plans yet, I am looking forward to visiting India. My mother did missionary work in the country and I have heard so much about the fascinating culture and beautiful people. It definitely a place I want to visit. I want to bring my children too and show them the beautiful culture and place.

IBT India: And finally, would you be interested in Bollywood project?

McNairy: Bollywood, yes. I would be interested in a project.

You can watch McNairy in Sleepless premiering on January 19 at 7 PM on Sony Pix. Watch the trailer here: