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Controversy queen Rakhi Sawant has opened up about the legal notice sent by Honeypreet Insaan's mother Asha Taneja. Rakhi has said that she will not apologise for her comment and instead, wants Honeypreet's mother to apologise.

In September 2017, Rakhi had said that Honeypreet was afraid that she would become her "sautan" and this comment had not gone down well with Asha. Honeypreet's mother had then sent a legal notice seeking an apology from Rakhi within 30 days or pay Rs 5 crore, ANI reported.

However, when asked about the defamation notice, Rakhi told International Business Times, India, that she has not received any notice and she will not apologise for the comment. 

"No case has been filed on me. It's just some lawyer has sent me her papers. Until the time I don't get any notice from the court I have nothing to do with it. I have my lawyers to handle it out," Rakhi told IBTimes, India.

"And why should I apologise to some criminal. She should apologise for what her daughter did. Whole India knows about 'Honeypreet' even every kid is making fun of her. Her husband and in-laws told to India what kind of women she is. They are just targeting me for money and piece of fame. The daughter got popular with baba now her mom wants to become news material."

"I'm a social worker. It's my duty to warn and create awareness about such fraud people. I'm making my film. If the film will have any issues regarding anything that's will be censored. I will keep doing my work," she added.

The notice was sent over three months after Rakhi made allegations of Honeypreet's affair with Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. Honeypreet, who is Ram Rahim's adopted daughter, called herself Papa's Angel.

In September 2017, in an interview with Zee News, Rakhi had made serious allegations against Ram Rahim and his adopted daughter. According to Rakhi, her closeness with Ram Rahim didn't go down well with Honeypreet.

"I have known Gurmeet Ram Rahim and his adopted daughter Honeypreet since last three-and-a-half years and met them on several occasions during this period. I once went inside the 'Gufa' (cave) built in the Dera premises. Gurmeet had invited me on his birthday," she had told the TV channel.

"I realised that Honeypreet was uncomfortable seeing my close proximity to Gurmeet and even feared that I may become her 'Sautan' (lover's wife) by marrying him. I was ignorant about Gurmeet's exploitation of his female disciples or that he made his male follower impotent," she added.

Honeypreet Insan
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Rakhi also opened up about the time when Ram Rahim and Honeypreet called her at a hotel and saw both of them staying in the same room. She also said that Honeypreet invited girls to the hotel room on the pretext of offering them the role in a movie.

"Baba and Honeypreet both stayed together in the same room. I found several herbs in the bathroom, which I believe was used by Baba for 'sinful purpose'. I was horrified to know his real intentions and feared getting killed by him," she said.

Meanwhile, Rakhi is currently working on a biopic on Ram Rahim titled Ab Hoga Insaaf. She says that the movie, which will be directed by her brother Rakesh Sawant, will expose Ram Rahim's life.