The more there is the bombardment of new daily soaps on the small screen, the more forgettable the characters have become. With characters dying and taking re-births at the drop-of-a-hat, the shows appear to be caricatures of one another. Gone are the days when actors and actresses not only had a strong grasp on their craft but also played the part with utmost authenticity. And one such celeb is Pallavi Joshi. Known for giving hard-hitting, ahead of its time shows like Alpviram, Aarohan, Justujoo; Pallavi Joshi's contribution to the legacy of the small screen world will forever be cherished.

International Business Times, India got in touch with the actress to talk about her career, current phase on television and husband, Vivek Agnihotri.

Pallavi Joshi, Vivek Agnihotri
Pallavi Joshi, Vivek AgnihotriInstagram

Are you happy with how your career shaped up? Your most remembered show, Alpviram, was ahead of its time. Something too strong for the audience back then. Would you say it came in the way of your career taking a different shape?

Yes, definitely. All my shows have had women who were strong and independent. As an empowered woman, I was naturally drawn to subjects that were off the beaten track. And Alpviram was also a well thought out choice just like Aarohan, Mrignayani and Kab Tak Pukaroon. It didn't just happen that changed the path of my career. It was my chosen path.

Have women on television progressed or regressed today?

Television has certainly digressed from its path. Showing regressive shows and storylines should have never been on the menu. Yet that is a sad fact today.

Your husband, Vivek Agnihotri, is known for always speaking in mind. At times, it even gets him in trouble. Do you advise him on what to say or what not to? How do you react to the controversies he gets into?

Vivek is an independent thinking individual. We belong together but we are not commodities to own each other. I advice him when he seeks it. He is quite capable of making his own decisions. Also when you walk down your chosen path with honesty and conviction you are bound to meet people who will try to pull you down. Hence it's pointless to heed the controversies.